Thursday, January 26, 2012

Casserole Kung Fu!

I recently started attending Taekwondo classes with my son.  And since he is in elementary school until 3:30pm, we go to an evening class to learn our new martial art.  Consequently, getting a healthy home-made dinner in the oven and onto the table for my family is quite the challenge.

Good Morning Egg Casserole
To meet that challenge, I am on the hunt for delicious, easy recipes that fit in a casserole dish or crock-pot.  This good morning egg casserole fits that criteria and can easily be adapted for what I like to call "breakfast for dinner."  (My kids and husband love breakfast for dinner nights.)

Ground Beef Macaroni And Tomato Casserole
If you like tomatoes and macaroni, this no-fuss-no-muss hearty ground beef casserole will work great for a hungry troop.  Or make a double batch and freeze one to use as a back up for evenings when you just run out of time.

Hobo Dinner
Last, the reliable and desirable hobo dinner cannot be outdone when it comes to home-style cooking and traditional casserole meals.  It's adaptable, easy to put together, and very functional.  The great thing about hobo dinners is they can be spiced up with a few garden herbs, or kept a little more plain for a farm-house taste.

Enjoy your casserole kung-fu!  Remember, we love feedback and photos!

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