Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baked Gift Ideas for Christmas!

And now the question of the season: (drum roll please) Do you bake any of your gifts for Christmas? We do! I should clarify. I bake. Hubby stuffs tins, gift bags and his mouth with goodies, post baking. We usually give baked goodies to the neighbors, teachers and friends. Because all of our close neighbors have little kids I try to keep things simple but yummy (stuff kids will eat that parents can enjoy too).

In trying to find new recipes to add to my growing repertoire of easy treats, I found some sweet looking goodies to share with you! These all look delicious and are just the tip of the baking iceberg as far as what you'll find in our Dessert section.

Chocolate Bar Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

German Chocolate Cherry Brownies

Raisin Jumbles

Chocolate Turtle Candy

As you are preparing for the holidays, don't forget to visit our Bread and Muffins section too. I love it when the neighbors bring me banana bread or blueberry muffins at Christmas - makes for some find Christmas morning eating!

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