Thursday, August 30, 2012

Easy Peasy Back To School Dinners!

If back to school shopping, team practices and managing homework again has you swamped, let us help you with some easy dinner recipes. I've collected some simple recipes that are easy on your wallet and easy on your time. They may be modest meals but these family friendly dinners are tasty and filling, keeping everyone fueled and full for back to school success.

Crock Pot 7-Up Roast
Our Crock Pot 7-Up Roast is a delicious twist on a reliable go-to slow cooker meal that won't disappoint.

Easy Chicken Tacos
The Easy Chicken Tacos are just like they sound - delectable chicken tacos made easy and quick.

Frugal Hamburger Soup
Don't let our Frugal Hamburger Soup fool you. It may have humble beginnings but the taste is savory.

Crock Pot Swiss Tenderloin
Another slow cooker friend - try our Crock Pot Swiss Tenderloin to level up your evening family time.

Spaghetti Pie
Last but not least, our Spaghetti Pie recipe delivers on easy prep and cooking and mouthwatering taste.

Don't let the back to school hustle and bustle stump your evening meal. Bring your family together and try one of our reliable recipes. Connect with us on Facebook or visit Annie's Recipes for more easy peasy dinner ideas!

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