Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Gifts You Can Bake!

Tired of giving the same old box of chocolates (not to mention spending a small fortune on the good ones)?  Why not give a new box of some goodies this year to your valentine...Yes, I'm talking about baking some love to give to your sweetheart.  You can even put it in a pretty box if you like!

Chocolate Turtles
A chocolate and peanut lover's dream come true, these turtles are simple and easy to make, freeing up more time for you to enjoy your valentine.  Plus, the money you save on chocolates might get you into a movie!  (Or at least a matinee!)

German Chocolate Cherry Brownies
Now this is a new twist on an old world favorite!  Move over Queen Anne Chocolate Covered Cherries...we are taking German chocolate to a whole new level!  German chocolate cherry brownies will definitely be making an appearance soon at my house!

Janet's Chocolate Chip Cake
If you will be entertaining several guests on Valentine's Day, Janet may be able to help with that.  Her chocolate chip cake recipe is a great combination of moist delicious cake and enough chocolate to satisfy that valentine craving.

Enjoy!  We love feedback and photos!

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