Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Football Feast For The Tailgate

Being close to a state university, we get some spirited football fans and tailgating going on every weekend during the fall college football season - and we love it! Tailgating is one of the highly versatile activities that can be enjoyed by die-hard fans and casual cheer sections alike. 

I am always on the look out for a new recipe that can convert to a tailgating touchdown when it comes to good eats. Here is where I give a shameless shout out to Bronco Nation, BSU Broncos and my alma mater!

I am sharing a few of my favorite tailgate touchdown recipes with you, just to get you started on your tailgating adventure!

Chicken Nuggets

Meatball Sandwich

Easy Chicken Tacos

Angel Cream Biscuits

Crock Pot Italian Meatballs

Visit Annie's Recipes to find more recipes perfect for fall, football and tailgating! 

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