Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mexican Food Weekend!

What kind of weekend are you planning? Is it going to be the same old food faire from your kitchen, or would you rather spice things up a bit? I propose a Mexican foodie weekend!

Prepare and feast only on Mexican dishes for the entire weekend and delight your friends or family with your cultural appreciation and kitchen prowess! And then...go Salsa dancing.

Okay, maybe pick a few of the tasty recipes below to try for just one day this weekend and see how it goes over. You might be surprised how alluring all those fresh scents wafting from your kitchen are...

Mexican Salsa

Santa Fe Chicken

Easy Chicken Tacos

Mexican Casserole

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

So I snuck in a cookie what? With Super Bowl just a few weeks away, another fun idea would be to host a Mexican themed Super Bowl party and serve all kinds of Mexican dishes. Visit Annie's Recipes for more recipe ideas or connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite Mexican food or recipe!

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