Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fabulous Friday Night Feast

Cabbage Rolls
Here's the deal. You are busy. (We are all busy!) You don't want to think too much about what's for dinner tonight. You just want to get to your end of week in one piece. I want to help.

Green Pea Salad
So...I've put together a Fabulous Friday Night Feast of a menu so you don't have to come up with something original or even passable, when your family asks "What's for DINNER?"

Potatoes Anna
Follow our recipes (these are just a sampling of what we have, waiting for you to try) over at Annie's, and everyone will be better for it. You won't have to stress about dinner or even think about it too much.

Carrot Cake w/ Lemon & Cream Cheese Frosting
You may even get to squeeze in a bath after everyone's tummies are nice and full! You can thank me later. While you are still upright, share your favorite Friday Night go-to meal with us on Facebook!

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