Thursday, July 19, 2012

4 Fiesta Foods Just For Fun!

With the 2012 Olympics just around the corner, I've trying to come up with a fun way to celebrate the opening ceremonies Friday night, July 27th. (My hubby is a huge Olympic fan.) I'm thinking bright colors, streamers, and...a fiesta! Too much? Well anyway here are some fun fiesta-inspired foods to fix for an Olympic celebration!

Easy Chicken Tacos

Homemade Salsa

Red Beans & Rice

Chocolate Mousse
Okay, so technically I don't really know if chocolate mousse is a traditional fiesta food, but it should be. In fact Chocolate should really have its own level on the food pyramid. I consider it to be one the necessary food groups. Try our Chocolate Mousse recipe to add a little sweetness to your fiesta!

Enjoy the 2012 Olympic Games in style - fiesta style! Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite fiesta recipe, or visit Annie's for hundreds of other delicious free recipe ideas!

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