Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's Cookin' for Christmas Breakfast?

Christmas and the holiday season are full of opportunities for starting and enjoying so many wonderful family traditions.  One of my favorites is breakfast with my husband and children on Christmas morning.  We have a large extended family on both sides and that keeps us busy hopping from holiday party to holiday party.

But on Christmas morning, we save for just the four of us.  The boys get up early and squeal and open presents, we take a gazillion photos like the goofy parents we are, and then my husband and I make a special Christmas breakfast.  We change it up a little every year because we have yet to find a "signature" Christmas morning menu, and it is fun to experiment.

Do you have any special Christmas morning breakfast favorites or dishes that you make every year, because your family demands it and it just won't be Christmas morning without ___________ (fill in the blank)?  If you don't have something specific in mind to fix for breakfast, or don't have a Christmas morning is the time to start.  Here are some ideas just to get you thinking, and cookin'!

Apple Crunch Muffins

Bacon & Egg Casserole

Breakfast Pizza with Strawberries

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