Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Son Of A Gun Stew

Today's recipe is...

Son Of A Gun Stew

4 lbs. hamburger meat
2 env. Williams Chili Seasoning
2 shakes meat tenderizer
1 lg. can V-8 juice
1 sm. bottle A-1 sauce
1 sm. bottle 57 sauce
Couple cloves garlic and anything else that looks like it might be good
Salt to taste
Red and black pepper
BBQ sauce
Few shots of Tabasco
Few shots of Worcestershire
An onion or two
2 c. water, more or less
Some allspice

Brown meat in skillet, then put in big pot on medium temperature. Stir in the Williams Chili Seasoning. Shake the meat tenderizer in and add the V-8. Let simmer awhile then add A-1 and 57 sauces. Squish the garlic real good, then stick it in the pot. Add the rest of the sprinkly stuff and let it stew for 5 minutes or so. Add the Worcestershire and Tabasco. Cut up onion and throw it in. Add water until it looks about right then let it set for 20 minutes or so

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