Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Fixins - Easy As ABC's!

Apple Muffins
Mother's Day is almost here and I have to ask...What are you fixing your mom for Mother's Day?  Breakfast, brunch or even lunch...I brought some recipes together to make your Mother's Day morning extra nice!

Bacon and Egg Casserole
Whether muffins and doughnuts or eggs and bacon are your style, we have something great for breakfast for just about anyone over at our site - check it out!

Cheesy Sausage Muffins
But don't take my word for it, try one of these easy muffin recipes or the egg casserole and let your taste buds be the judge.  Or better yet, let mom tell you which one is best!

Double Chocolate Muffins
Now that I have given you plenty to chew on, go ahead.  Plan a special birthday breakfast for your mom and don't be surprised if it turns out to be a huge success!

Happy Mother's Day!  Share your photos of breakfast success with us on Facebook!

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