Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blueberry Breakfast Cake review and new recipes

We have some new recipes for you to try. But first the review. I rated this recipe a 5 out of 5, delicious! (Photo courtesy of my personal blog, Amanda's Cookin')

Recipe Review: Blueberry Breakfast Cake

1) Very easy to prepare. Common ingredients, nothing overly complicated or expensive.

2) Very adaptable. You can use a variety of different berries for this. Maybe cranberries with some fall spices, cherries and almond extract, or raspberries with a white chocolate drizzle. Try different types of nuts too!

3) A drizzle isn't really necessary on this, but I like drizzle :) so I added it. The crumb topping is sweet enough on its own, so you decide.

4) Can use fresh or frozen berries, just don't thaw them if they are frozen. Toss them in as is. When I made this I was a little skeptical about the vast amount of berries in it, but as you can see it came out perfect. I used fresh blueberries.

If you would like to add a drizzle topping, simply mix 1/2 cup sifted powdered sugar with 2 tablespoons of milk, more or less to get the right consistency.

Have you made one of our recipes and would like to voice your opinion? Share your review with me and I'll post it for all to see!

New Recipes Added

Butterscotch Pound Cake (review coming!)
Chilled Tomato Soup
Grilled Cube Steaks with Fries (review coming!)
Pepper Crusted Roast
Rigatoni with Fresh Tomatoes & Pancetta (review coming!)

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